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Data247 has been in business since June 2010.

Yes, when you sign up for an account with Data247, we automatically add 15 cents to your prepaid balance for testing purposes.

Data247 membership costs $12 per month. Members can access any of the Data247 services. Each service has a per-transaction fee, and the amount varies for each service. For example, the Text@ service costs $0.005 per transaction.

Our service is prepaid.

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We have a pretty simple REST API; you send us queries via HTTP or HTTPS with the parameters as GET data, and we send back a document containing the results in one of three formats:

  • JSON (default)
  • XML
  • CSV

Since it's just HTTP, it's platform independent, and you can do test queries via a standard Internet browser.

Documentation for API version 3.0 can be accessed from the Support drop-down menu on the main page of our website, or from the Support menu in your account.


Our API does support CURL.
An example CURL call from a linux command line would look like this:

curl "api.data24-7.com/textat.php?username=YOUR_USERNAME&password=YOUR_PASSWORD&p1=PHONENUM"

It's important to remember the quotes!

Currently we only support the USA and Canada

Many carriers in countries outside of North America, do not offer email-to-sms and email-to-mms gateway addresses.

If you happen to know the gateway addresses for some or all of the wireless
carriers in your country, you can use our Carrier247 (International) service to obtain the
carrier name. Optionally, you can give us these gateway addresses, and we
can make our system return them to you for the appropriate carriers.

Multiple fields should be comma separated.

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If you input a USA or Canadian phone number to Carrier247(Carrier Type), it will return the type of phone it is:

  • L=Landline
  • M=Mobile
  • V=VOIP

If you input a phone number to Text@, Carrier247(USA), or Carrier247(International), it will return:

  • the carrier's name
  • the type of phone it is

Carrier247(USA) works for USA and Canadian numbers. Carrier 247(USA) has number portability awareness for USA numbers, that means that when someone ports their phone number from one carrier to another, we know about it almost immediately, and we guarantee that our records will be updated within one business day, although they usually will be updated within an hour.

Unfortunately, due to regulations in Canada, we cannot provide local number portability data for Canadian phone numbers to customers unless they get approval from the Canadian Local Number Portability Consortium (CLNPC).

For Carrier247(USA), if the phone is wireless, it will also return:

  • the SMS Gateway Address
  • the MMS Gateway Address

The SMS and MMS Gateway Addresses can be used to send text messages and picture messages to wireless phones. The Gateway Addresses are email addresses of the carrier. To send a text to the recipient, you send an email message to the carrier using the Gateway Email Address, and the carrier sends your message to the recipient as an SMS or MMS message.

NOTE: Text@ and Carrier247(USA) are identical in function and price.

The Gateway Addresses are not available for Carrier247(International) since most international carriers don't provide them.

If the phone is wireless, it will also return the last date when the phone was ported from the last carrier to the current carrier. This information is currently automatically returned for Manual lookups only. For API lookups, it requires a specific option in the API call. It is an optional field for File Uploads.

Once you sign up, you have three options to access the services:
  • You can type-in the phone numbers one-by-one via your account on our website.
  • You can upload the phone numbers to us in an Excel (.xlsx) or .csv file.
  • You can use our API to integrate our service into your software application.

No, we provide you with the SMS and MMS Gateway email addresses so that you can send the messages yourself.

Once our service supplies you with the Gateway email addresses, you can send the messages as you would regular emails (in text format, not HTML).

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Append247 (Phone) returns the phone numbers associated with the names and addresses that you provide.

Append247 (Email) returns the email addresses associated with the names and addresses that you supply.

Append247 (Reverse Email) returns the following information associated with the email addresses that you provide:

m_initial: Middle initial of name
business: Business Name
phone_type:L(Land Line), V(Voip), W(Wireless), O(Other)
phone_telco_name: telephone company provider
zip4: zip+4 code
house: House Number
predir: Street Pre direction(N, S, W, WE etc)
street_type: Street suffix
postdir: street post direction
apt_type: Apartment type
aptno: Apartment number
api: Letter code of API requested
status: Outcome of API request (useful only when performing multiple API requests)

Append247 (Reverse Phone) returns the names and addresses (and optional consumer data) associated
with the phone numbers you provide.

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Verify247 (Email) tells you if the emails you supply are valid or not, the reason why they're valid or not, and if they are free accounts or not.

When you provide the following information:

Street Address

City (optional)

Two letter state code (optional)

Zip code (optional)

Verify247 (Postal Address) returns the following information associated with the information you provide:

valid: Whether provided address info is valid (possible values: YES or NO)
addr1: Address line 1 of location
addr2: Address line 2 of location
api: Letter code of API requested
status: Outcome of API request (useful only when performing multiple API requests)

Verify247 (Phone Number) returns the following information for the phone numbers that you supply:

active: Whether phone is active or not (Possible values: YES or NO)

confidence: Confidence level of phone number (Possible values: high or low)

phone: Provided Phone


All per-transaction charges can be found on the pricing page of our website: https://www.data247.com/pricing

In order to sign up for our Do-Not-Call service, you will need to open up an account with us and then go to https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov, the FTC's National Do-Not-Call Registry, and register with them.

After you have registered with the FTC, you will need to specify the Area Codes that you will be calling. The first five Area Codes are free; after that, the FTC will charge you for each Area Code.

Once you have selected your Area Codes, you will be assigned an Organization ID and a Subscription Account Number (SAN). You will need to give us both of these numbers in order for us to allow you to legally access our Do-Not-Call Service. You can open a Help Desk ticket on our website and send us those two pieces of information. We will update your account and notify you that you are good to go.

Do-Not-Call (USA) helps you to stay compliant with USA Federal Do-Not-Call laws. We help you maintain your own internal DNC list, and help you avoid calling phone numbers which could cause Federal violations and serious penalties.

Our Do-Not-Call data is updated weekly from the USA Federal Government, and we can track your organization's internal Do-Not-Call list as well.

Do-Not-Call (USA) returns the following information for the phone numbers that you supply:

  • Phone Number
  • DNC status

The per-lookup charge for the Do-Not-Call (USA) service is $0.002 (1/5 penny).

Do-Not-Call (Canada) is currently under development, and has not been released yet.

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Locate247 (IP) returns the following information for the IP addresses you provide:

  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Timezone
  • Daylight Savings

The per-lookup charge for the Locate247 (IP) service is $0.003

Trust247 (User Identity) helps website owners determine if an online signup is from a legitimate user or not. It returns an array of match statistics and a score of 1 to 100.