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We have a pretty simple REST API; you send us queries via HTTP or HTTPS with the parameters as GET data, and we send back a document containing the results in one of three formats:

  • JSON (default)
  • XML
  • CSV

Since it's just HTTP, it's platform independent, and you can do test queries via a standard Internet browser.

Documentation for API version 3.0 can be accessed from the Support drop-down menu on the main page of our website, or from the Support menu in your account.


Our API does support CURL.
An example CURL call from a linux command line would look like this:

curl "api.data24-7.com/textat.php?username=YOUR_USERNAME&password=YOUR_PASSWORD&p1=PHONENUM"

It's important to remember the quotes!

Currently we only support the USA and Canada

Many carriers in countries outside of North America, do not offer email-to-sms and email-to-mms gateway addresses.

If you happen to know the gateway addresses for some or all of the wireless
carriers in your country, you can use our Carrier247 (International) service to obtain the
carrier name. Optionally, you can give us these gateway addresses, and we
can make our system return them to you for the appropriate carriers.

Multiple fields should be comma separated.

You can find API documentation on the Support drop-down menu. If you are a customer, you can also find it on the Transactions or Support drop-down menus in your account.

Files are returned in .csv format, which can be opened by Microsoft Excel or any text editor.

An Excel (.xlsx), or .csv, or .txt file with one lookup per line. If you have an older .xls file, you need to save it to a .csv file and then upload the .csv file.

In situations where a single Data247 account will be used to process transactions for multiple users, you can create sub-users. To do this, click the Account tab and select Add/Edit Sub-Users from the drop-down menu.

Email addresses in our system can only be used for one account, or for one sub-user. So, if someone has a Data247 account, and you want to add them as a sub-user in another account, they need to either use a different email address for the sub-user account than the one they used for their own account, or they can cancel their own account and use the same email address for the new sub-user account. You will need to notify us when they cancel their old account so that we can delete their email address from our system. We will notify you when this is done, and you can then add them as a sub-user with the email address that they had previously used.

If your sub-users will use the API, you will need a separate API Key for each sub-user.

Currently, we have a 20MB filesize limit; we won't allow files larger than this to be uploaded.

You can do up to 100 lookups in one API call.

Unfortunately, our service will not recognize these types of phone numbers. Google, Skype, etc. purchase blocks of phone numbers from larger carriers, and it is these larger carriers who will be identified by our service.

Yes, our Append247 (Name) service will return the name associated with a phone number, but if you want to use this service to look up caller-id for inbound phone calls in real time, you should instead look at our sister website, www.ezcnam.com. EZCNAM provides CNAM dips at better pricing than Data247, but the allowed use cases are much more strict.

This error usually occurs because your account has IP authentication turned on. This means that the API will only accept requests from the IP addresses you have listed - requests from any other address will be rejected.

To fix the problem, you can either add the additional IP address(es) you are using, or turn IP authentication off. To do this, log into your account and select IP Authentication from the Account drop-down menu.

If you attempt to log in to your account and you forgot your password, you'll see a link that says, Forgot Your Password?

Click that link, and you'll see a Reset Password page. Enter your contact email address, and the system will return your password to that email.

To add credit card info to your account, log-in to your account, click Payments/Add Funds, and fill in your information.

You can save the credit card info for future use and also set Auto Recharge by clicking the appropriate boxes.

If you already have a credit card on file, click Payments/Update Payment Information, and fill in your new card information.

Your results files are returned to you by email. They are sent to the email address that you specify when you submit your files for processing. Alternatively, you can view your results files from your account by clicking View Latest Uploads on the Transactions drop-down menu. Just find the file you want in the Latest File Uploads list and click the Result Link on the right to download the file. Files remain on this list for 30 days.

To upload a file, go to the Transactions drop-down menu in your account, click on File Upload, and follow the instructions on the page.

If our system determines that you may not have enough funds to process your whole file, you will receive a low-balance alert suggesting that you add more funds or turn on Auto Re-charge. The minimum amount that you can set for Auto Re-charge is $12.

There is also an upload option to limit the number of records of your file that you want processed. For example, if your file has 1,000 records, you could limit the number of records processed to the first 500.

If you are an IQDial customer, check the box labelled, "I'm uploading a 'Successors Data' format file,"

Enter the email address that you want your completed file returned to.

Some services allow you to choose to run additional services in the same upload. For example, you could run Text@ and Verify247 (Phone Number) at the same time.

Select the file that you want to upload. Files must be in .txt, .csv, or .xlsx format.

Note: .xls files, produced by older versions of Excel, will not run.

Select the appropriate field name for each required field from the dropdown menus above the appropriate columns.

Pro Tip: If you have a file with multiple identical fields in a single row that you want to process, run the file several times, and tag the appropriate fields for each run. For example, say you want to run Verify (Phone) for a file that has three phone numbers in each row. You don't need to break up the file into three files, just run the file three times, indicating one of the phone number columns as the column to be processed for each run.

Click the Upload File button to complete the upload.

There are several ways to get information about Data247, how to use it, and how to get help with problems:

  • There's a wealth of information on the web pages themselves.
  • Click Support/Knowledgebase to view information about Data247 and our services in a question/answer format.
  • Support/Video Tutorials displays tutorials on how to use some basic functions of the Data247 system. Note: Our website has been changed since the tutorials were made, so the pages will look a bit different, but they are still worth watching.
  • Support/API Documentation displays documentation for our API V3.
  • Support/Data247 Blog displays our blog.
  • Support/Testimonials displays some customer testimonials.
  • Support/Affiliate Program displays information about our affiliate program.
  • Support/Contact Us displays links to the Knowledgebase and Video Tutorials mentioned above and a link to our Help Ticket system.
  • You can call our customer support at (877) 805-3282.

To access our help ticket system:

  • Click Support/Contact Us/Submit a ticket.
  • Choose the category that best describes your issue. If none fits, choose Other.
  • Fill in the form. If you don't have a user name, or don't know it, just enter anything, for example: "None."
  • When we receive your ticket, it will be assigned a Ticket ID, and we will send you a confirmation email. If you do not receive it within a few minutes, please check your Junk, Bulk, or Spam folders. Mark the message as Not SPAM to avoid problems receiving our correspondence in the future.
  • We will respond to your ticket and you will receive our response by email. We can then respond back-and-forth until the matter is resolved.

To view a previously submitted ticket, you can click Support/Contact Us/View existing ticket.

If you have a Data247 account, you can also open a new ticket or view all of your previous tickets by logging into your account and choosing Support/My Support Tickets.

To restrict sub-user access to your data247 account, you can set permissions to give sub-users access to only the functions that you allow. Just go to the Account drop-down menu, and select Add/Edit Sub-Users. When you are creating the Sub-User account, select the User Permissions drop-down menu, and select the permissions that you want to give to that user.

Version 2.0 of our API doesn't work with sub-accounts. But Version 3.0 of our API does. Instead of a username and password, version 3 of the API uses an API key. You can generate multiple API keys via your Data247 account and then use the different keys the same way your would use sub-accounts.

Sub-account users cannot create their own API keys. The main-account user must create the API keys for their sub-account users.