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Retail Data Solutions

Provide better customer experience and reduce cart abandonment for your Retail and E-commerce setup by understanding your target market. Data247 sources customers data from over 100 datasets, equipping your business with accurate data, thus enabling you to:

  •  Manage risk & prevent fraud
  •  Enhance customer user experience
  •  Improve fulfilment & customer loyalty
  •  Reduce cart abandonment & increase conversions

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Keep your customers engaged throughout the sales process with text messaging

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Read the Blog  

Mobile Messaging

Region Specific Shopping Experience

    Region Specific Shopping Experience

Locate247 (IP) is our global geo-location verification service that provides your business with real-time, geo-location verification of your customers. Your business then utilizes this information to create personalized shopping experiences that are region-specific.

For example:

  • Displaying local payment options to customers
  • Logistics data showing expected delivery times, complete with pricing calculated based on the distance from the nearest fulfilment center to the customer’s physical address.

Click here to learn more about our Locate247 (IP) service.

Fraud Detection

fraud detection    

Data247 can help your business identify and mitigate against fraudulent activities such as identity theft and purchase of goods with stolen credit cards. Members perpetuate these schemes by infiltrating legitimate businesses using fake contact details.

Trust247 (User Identity) uses our vast data resources to cross-reference the details of a new user account to determine whether it is likely an instance of account creation fraud.

Click here to learn more about our Trust247 (User Identity) service.

Email Verification

    Email verification

Authenticate your customers’ email addresses with our Verify247 (Email) service to avoid sending messages to invalid email addresses. This safeguards your online and sender’s reputation, which left unchecked can get your business blacklisted on email marketing platforms.

Click here to learn more about our Verify247 (Email) service.

CRM data management

Find your retail data solution.

Our data is sourced from vetted, real-time data points providing your business with high-quality data.

  •  Data-on-demand; Real-time availability of data to companies 24/7.
  •  Multiple ways & formats to access your data; XML, APIs, Batch File uploads or Manual data entry.
  •  Easily integrate with global brands, i.e. Salesforce, Asterisk, Workato, etc.
  •  Pay-as-you-go pricing.