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Why Data247?

Why Data247?

Data247 is a simple, and secure on-demand data platform that provides businesses with a wide-range of data lookup services. Our data is sourced from vetted, real-time data points providing your business with high-quality data.

  •  Data-on-demand; Real-time availability of data to companies 24/7
  •  Multiple ways & formats to access your data; XML, APIs, Batch File uploads or Manual data entry.
  •  All-in-one data solution platform for Telephony services; Carrier, Email-to-SMS gateway, data verification, Do-Not-Call data and more.
  •  Easily integrate with global brands, i.e. Salesforce, Asterisk, Workato, etc.


We have a service for all of your data needs.


Return real-time phone number carrier information and retrieve the email-to-SMS, and email-to-MMS gateway addresses for your clients' wireless phones.


Append important information to your data files including: phone number, email address, name, gender, address information and profile data.


Use our data verification services to protect your email reputation, check your addresses for validity and accuracy and determine whether your phone numbers are in service.


Pinpoint where in the world your website traffic is coming from. Our IP Geolocation service, returns the physical location of an IP address, including the city, state, country, and more.


Data247's Do-Not-Call services help your organization stay compliant with Federal Do-Not-Call laws, by returning whether phone numbers are present on the Federal Do-Not-Call list, or on your company's internal list.


Help combat website fraud. Determine whether the identity of your users is accurate and detect fraudulant phone numbers and other data.


Data247 is integrated with these exciting products and services.




(plus service look-up fees)

  • unlimited access to all Data247 Services
  • API and web-based look-ups
  • unlimited support
  • no cancellation fees; cancel anytime

Look-up Fees

*High volume customers (over half-a-million lookups / month) should contact us about pricing discounts.
  • MessagingText@$0.005 per look-up
  • Carrier InformationCarrier247 (International)$0.006 per look-up
  • Carrier247 (USA)$0.005 per look-up
  • Carrier247 (Carrier Type)$0.005 per look-up
  • Data AppendAppend247 (Email)$0.04 per look-up
  • Append247 (Rev. Email)$0.04 per look-up
  • Append247 (Name)$0.01 per look-up
  • Append247 (Phone)$0.04 per look-up
  • Append247 (Rev. Phone)$0.04 per look-up
  • Append247 (Profile)$0.05 per look-up
  • Append247 (Alt Credit Score)$0.12 per look-up
  • Append247 (Gender)$0.002 per look-up
  • Append247 (Zipcode)$0.003 per look-up
  • Append247 (Rev. Zipcode)$0.003 per look-up
  • Data VerificationVerify247 (Email)$0.003 per look-up
  • Verify247 (Phone Number)$0.013 per look-up
  • Verify247 (Postal Address)$0.003 per look-up
  • RegulatoryDo-Not-Call (USA)$0.002 per look-up
  • GeolocationLocate247 (IP)$0.003 per look-up
  • Fraud DetectionTrust247 (Phone Number)$0.004 per look-up


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