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Data247 has been in business since June 2010.

Yes, when you sign up for an account with Data247, we automatically add 15 cents to your prepaid balance for testing purposes.

Data247 membership costs $12 per month. Members can access any of the Data247 services. Each service has a per-transaction fee, and the amount varies for each service. For example, the Text@ service costs $0.005 per transaction.

Our service is prepaid.

If your balance goes to $0, your service will become inactive, and you will not be able to perform any more transactions until you add more money. Once you create an account, you can set up custom "low balance reminder" emails to warn you when your account balance becomes too low.
You can also set up automatic account refills. The minimum auto-refill amount is $12.

We accept payment by credit card, PayPal, personal checks, and wire transfers. We use PayPal for processing credit card payments.

If your credit card or PayPal transaction clears immediately, your money will be automatically added to your account within 60 seconds. If your payment does not clear instantly (as in the case of a PayPal e-check, a personal check or a wire transfer), then the money will be added once the transaction clears.

NOTE: If paying by wire transfer, please contact us and let us know, so we will be expecting a payment
and can fund your account promptly.

Our main servers are located in Chicago, and we have backup servers in Arizona if the ones in Chicago go down.

* We're connected to the same infrastructure that the wireless carriers themselves use for routing text messages, so our results are extremely accurate. When a phone number is ported to a new carrier, our service reflects the change almost instantly.

* Our API can handle over 50 transactions per second. You can send up to 100 phone numbers in a single API query to minimize the effects of network latency.

Once an account balance goes to zero, we automatically disable it until more money is added. We don't charge a monthly fee while your account is disabled.