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Carrier247 (USA) Service

C arrier247 (USA) is our phone carrier and phone-type lookup service for the USA. It returns the phone carrier and whether the phone is landline or wireless. Carrier247 (USA) is updated in real-time, assuring you that our data is up-to-date and highly accurate. We are 'number portability aware', which means that when a phone is ported to another phone carrier, we know about it almost immediately.

  • FILE UPLOAD UTILITY Upload a file of phone numbers to process, and we'll send you back a new file which contains the carrier names and email addresses for each phone number.
  • MANUAL TRANSACTIONS You can also enter phone numbers manually through our website.
  • SIMPLE API For integrating our service with your software application, we provide an API which uses standard HTTPS protocol (you can test our service from your Internet Browser). The response data is returned in standard XML format.
  • ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE When your client ports their phone number from one carrier to another, we know about it that same day.
  • 99.99% UPTIME SLA PER CALENDAR MONTH We guarantee no more than 4 minutes of downtime per month.
  • OVER 99% HIT RATE FOR USA PHONE NUMBERS This means that we fail to return the complete set of information for less than 1% of valid US phone numbers.
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT Whether by phone or email, we'll give you the attention you need to get our service up and running.

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See how Carrier247 (USA) can benefit your business


Carrier247 (USA) identifies which phone numbers belong to mobile phones. For SMS/MMS messaging, this allows you to ensure you're only sending the messages to mobile phones, saving time and often messaging costs. For auto-dialing, it allows you to stay compliant with USA laws banning auto dialers from calling wireless phones.

*Carrier247 (USA) removes invalid phone numbers from your lists. This saves time and money that could have otherwise been spent sending messages to valid mobile phone numbers.


Carrier247 (USA) provides businesses with in-depth insights that allow them to launch targeted marketing campaigns, increasing their investment return.

As a phone carrier lookup and mobile number lookup service, Carrier247 (USA) enables you to easily identify VoIP numbers so that you can craft your marketing campaigns appropriately.


This one service can save you money in multiple ways; by decreasing your SMS/MMS messaging costs, keeping you compliant with auto-dialing laws, and adding additional insights into your customers’ telephone preferences. This translates to huge cost savings for your business.

*Note that while Carrier247 (USA) can identify invalid phone numbers, it cannot identify if valid phone numbers are currently active and in service. For this, see our Verify247 (Phone) service.


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Standard Return Fields:
Phone - The phone number queried
Wless - Either "y" for wireless or "n" for non-wireless
Carrier_name - carrier name of provided number
Carrier_id - Carrier id of carrier
SMS_address - SMS gateway address of number
MMS_address - MMS gateway address of number

Optional Return Fields:
Billable - Indicates whether customer was charged for this query
Cost - Cost of this query
Type - Either "M" for mobile phone, "L" for landline, or "V" for VOIP
GIT - Voicemail greeting interrupt Tone
OCN - The operating company number
Timezone - The timezone in the area specified by the phone number's NPA
Tz_offset - The offset from UTC time in the area specified by the number's NPA
IANA - IANA timezone of the area specified by the number's NPA
Last_port_date - The date the phone was last ported to a new carrier
DBA - Standard name for carrier
MNO - Mobile Network Operator
City - City where NPA/NXX is located
State - State where NPA/NXX is located
Country - Country where NPA/NXX is located
Zip - Zip code where NPA/NXX is located

$0.0050 per look-up*

*$12 monthly membership fee
*Volume discounts available


* Due to regulations in Canada, Data247 cannot provide local number portabiliy data for Canadian phone numbers to customers unless they get approval from the Canadian Local Number Portability Consortium (CLNPC).