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Trust247 (User Identity)

A ccount creation fraud is when an online web account is created using fraudulent information. It's a widespread problem that affects most websites where user accounts can be created online. Sometimes these fraudulent accounts are simply a nuisance, but often their intent can be malicious. Fraudsters create fake accounts for many reasons:

  • Identity theft
  • Purchase of goods with stolen credit cards
  • Leaving disinformation or illegal content on public forums
  • Searching for website vulnerabilities to be hacked or exploited
  • Taking advantage of free trials and services your business may offer

Regardless of the intent, these fraudulent accounts can cost the website owners serious amounts of time and money, or worse.


Trust247 (User Identity) uses our vast data resources to cross-reference the details of a new user account to determine whether it is likely an instance of account creation fraud. Here are some examples of what we check:

  • Is the given phone number a working, in-service number?
  • Does the phone belong to the person named as the account owner?
  • Was the user behind a proxy server while signing up?
  • Does the user's physical location match their given address?
  • Is the given email address deliverable?
  • . . . and much more.
Account creation fraud

Trust247 (User Identity) scores each signup on a scale of 1 to 100

With Trust247 (User Identity), we'll instantly score each signup on a scale of 1 to 100, so you can automate the process of deciding which users should be trusted, and which should not.

Any website which allows online account creation can benefit from Trust247 (User Identity), including the following:

  • Commerce sites which accept online payments
  • Social media sites
  • Public forums
  • Product review / comment sites

At a cost of $0.01 (one penny) each, you can protect your website without worrying about your bank account. Sign-up for an account with us today, and enjoy a free trial of Trust247 (User Identity)!


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firstname - The user's first name
lastname - The user's last name (surname)
company_name - The name of the user's organization (if applicable)
company_url - The website for user's organization (if applicable)
address - The street address supplied by the user
city - The city supplied by the user
state - The state supplied by the user
zip - The postal code supplied by the user
ip - The IP address the user signed-up from
email - The email address supplied by the user
phone - The phone number supplied by the user

Standard Return Fields:

Weight - 1 to 100 measurement of how likely the signup is to be from a legitimate user. Anything under 50 should generally be considered to be suspicious, and anything over 80 should generally be considered legitimate.

Matches - An array of match statistics:

  • city_ip - If the city and IP address match (true/false)
  • city_phone - If the city matches the phone number (true/false)
  • city_zip - If the city matches the postal code (true/false)
  • company_phone- If the company matches the phone number (true/false)
  • firstname_phone - If the first name matches the phone number (true/false)
  • lastname_phone - If the last name matches the phone number (true/false)
  • state_ip - If the state matches the IP address (true/false)
  • state_phone - If the state matches the phone number (true/false)
  • state_zip - If the state matches the postal code (true/false)
Notes - An array of notes about the match result. Note values include:
  • No Phone Provided
  • VOIP Phone Used
  • Invalid Phone Number
  • No Email Address Provided
  • nvalid Email Address Provided
  • Business Email Address Provided
  • Temporary Email Address Used
  • Non-Corporate Email Address Used
  • In-Service Wireless Phone Number Provided
  • Wireless Phone Number Not in Service
  • Non-USA Phone Number
  • Name and Phone Number Match
  • Company and Phone Number Match
  • State-level Phone Match
  • City-level Phone Match
  • No Phone Match
  • No Postal Code Provided
  • State Level Postal Code Match
  • City Level Postal Code Match
  • No Postal Code Match
  • Proxy Server
  • Probable Proxy Server
  • Potential Proxy Server
  • State Level IP Address Match
  • No Street Address Provided

Optional Return Fields:
Billable - Indicates whether customer was charged for this query
Cost - Cost of this query

$0.01 per look-up*

*$12 monthly membership fee