Telcos provide multiple offerings to customers; fixed-line, mobile, internet, television across various sales channels and multiple billing systems. Unfortunately, they are forced to deal with high non-unique addresses, inconsistent data formats and quality issues. This makes it difficult for Telcos to get accurate profile data of their customers and increases their difficulty in assessing additional revenue opportunities within their existing customer base and getting more leads.

Data247 has a wide range of services that allow Telcos to gather business intelligence they can use to implement more focused solutions using various data services:


After verifying a customer's email address and physical address for validity, accuracy and conformation to the standardized US Postal Mail format respectively, you then use our Locate (IP) service to identify and locate the exact location of your customer's residence or office, through their geo-coordinates.

You use these geo-codes to append external data such as mobile coverage areas and fibre availability to gain more insights to identify new areas of opportunity.

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Locate (IP), Verify247 (Email) and Verify247 (Postal Address).


The more information you have about your customers, the better you'll effectively target your customers with relevant services and products.

Our Append247 (Profile Data) allows you to target regions of limited penetration with tailored Telco offerings and promotions. The service gathers insights by cross-referencing your internal customer information with our verified, In-house and externally sourced data to append your customers' missing data.

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Append247 (Name) is our CNAM or "Caller-ID Name" solution. Our CNAM data is pure telco data and highly accurate and up-to-date. Supplying caller name adds big value for your subscribers but costs very little. And integration is easy, since we speak SIP, ENUM, and HTTPS protocols.

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