Data247 has acquired in-depth experience in address management and the process of matching customers data against verified in-house and remote databases to help insurance professionals better serve and reach more clients through the use of better data.

Our data services provide insurance companies with the tools to verify their customers' data, improve the customer experience by understanding their preferences, and gather property and risk intelligence data to use in their risk assessment processes using the services below:


Build up-to-date and accurate mailing lists for direct marketing campaigns that get your insurance products in front of leads. Our Append247 (Email) service utilizes customers' names and addresses to find their email address.

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Our Append247 (Profile Data) service collects and appends your customer data files with a wide range of datasets such as a customers' lifestyle and demographic data (property location and size, mortgage amount and property value). Your business then uses this information to come up with effective marketing strategies.

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