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Texting in Schools?! How SMS Messages Can Actually Help Improve Education

Schools can use text messaging to their advantage

Posted by Linna Gao on 2017-09-30

School admins on tablet

It’s a known fact that phones can be a distraction in class…but teachers are finding that texts can be a helpful tool for students after school or when they are sent to parents. Text message reminders can be used for a multitude of ways to help learning. Here are just a few use cases below:

  • Reminders to students and parents of when exams are happening
  • Alerts on when assignments, essays, or other projects are due
  • Bulk texts to remind parents of Parent Teacher Day or other important meetings
  • Reminders to register for standardized testing by certain dates
  • Messages to parents about forms that need to be filled out or upcoming field trips

These are just a few instances of how text messaging can help improve learning and build better communication between students, teachers, and parents. Traditionally phones and texting have a bad rap when it comes to schools, but with Email-to- SMS solutions, they can be leveraged for good. To learn more about these services or try out a free trial click here: